What happens at your Insect Festival?

One of the key goals of IFWG is to identify evidence based best practices for common insect festival exhibits.

We know from research that live arthropods and insect food (entomophagy) are the two most common exhibits.

  • What are the most common species of ambassador animals?
  • What practices ensure animal well-being during a festival?
  • What messaging is common with Entomophagy?
  • How do different festivals handle the issue of potential allergies?
Cakes and Insects!

Insect Food

Do you offer food made of insects? Do you have live cooking demos?

Stephanie in an insect hat

Live Arthropods

What live animals do you have at your festival? How do visitors interact with them?

Volunteer Training

What volunteer training materials have you created? Can we develop “best practices” for insect festivals?

photo of a bee on a yellow flower

Let’s make something beautiful together.