Insect festival working group

This is the central hub for documents and links relating to Insect Festivals in the United States.

What is an Insect Festival, anyway?

We use a definition modified from Bultitude et al’s definition of science festivals:

  • The main focus is a celebration of insects and related arthropods.
  • The main intention is to engage non-specialists with scientific content.
  • There is an emphasis on insect science as FUN and an activity for everyone
  • The event is time-limited and recurring, usually on an annual or biennial frequency.
Ant Exhibit

Digital Festivals

Did you go digital in 2020? What are your plans for 2021? We would love to know.

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Have you regularly evaluated your festival? Are you interested in contributing to a shared evaluation instrument with common questions?

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Share your Exhibits!

We would love to have info about your exhibits, and would like to develop some best practices for training volunteers, animal handling, and safety issues.

Let’s build something great together.